Sunday, February 21, 2021

We almost lost Planty this weekend

 I got like 6 hours into a 15 hour audio book and had the feeling that I might have read it before. I looked up the book on Goodreads and I definitely gave it 3 stars, but there's no date. So maybe I started it but didn't finish? Or read it sort of but counted it anyway because it was one of those years that Ben goaded me into reading 200 books? Or maybe I am finally losing my mind for real. That seems like the most likely scenario, actually.

Another sign that I have lost my mind:

I left Minnie in her white onesie and then put a scoop of sweet potatoes on her tray for her to play with while I fed her oatmeal with peaches and pears. Rookie.

Always so serious:

I almost killed Planty. I can't remember not watering him, but then I can't remember watering him either, and then I looked over at him today and saw this!

Some water, some sunshine, some Indigo Girls, and he was back to normal
Her serious little face here!
She's still so happy in the Moby-- I love it!

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