Wednesday, February 03, 2021

How did I miss tutu Tuesday?? (2/2 Tuesday)

 Somehow I did miss it though. I think because it was Groundhog's day. Also, I decided to do The Mom Edit's style challenge on Instagram, and getting dressed for realz is a thing I don't really do anymore, so that took a lot of my day.

Also, yesterday, I had SO MANY MEETINGS. And Minnie was supposed to be sleeping for most of my double meeting 1-3 time slot (SIMUL-MEETINGS OMFG), but instead she slept for T W E N T Y minutes. ARGHHHHHHHH.

So, I wasn't thinking about tutus.

Size 4 high-waist skinny jeans ZIPPING UP:
Awake and bored during my meeting:
Did not think it was funny when we called her Min Hog and asked if she saw her shadow.

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