Monday, February 08, 2021

Hey there-- remember me

 Ok, I think what happened was that I started filming Minnie for Instagram reels INSTEAD of taking pictures, and then I just didn't blog. But! I will be more conscious of that this week and do both reels AND blogs. IN MY SPARE TIME. LOL LOL LOL.

Dorothy, getting ready for Zoom dance class:
I love that she still can't be trusted with her arms. THEY ARE TOO DISTRACTING.
She's getting SO BIG though!
Harry is doing SPEECH!!
Minnie is loving food-- it's the cutest.
Also delicious: her toes.
Oh those fat little arms!
Pirate Minnie
Can you believe she did her own make up??
Jack won one of his fantasy football leagues. (Harry won their other one-- no trophy though)

Goals for today (besides work and there is a lot today because I am a terrible scheduler):

2 Pomodoros

1 POTY episode

new dinner recipe

If you want to be on POTY and want to talk to us about some aspect of pandemic parenting, send me an email or an Instagram message!!

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