Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy V-day!

 You all know I love a good Vday, so I won't tell you how much, etc, etc etc. But I really miss the class parties. So much so, in fact, that Dorothy and Cooper made Valentines and we delivered them to friends, and they sent them to their grandparents and my aunt. Did I buy Ben a gift? No. Did he get me flowers anyway? YOU BET.

I also put on red lipstick and kissed the baby all over.
Flowers big enough to hide the laundry pile!
Minnie got some cute work out toys
Dorothy got this creepy creepy Barbie head.
Wearing a dress form her grandma and grandpa and a headband from her grandma.
PAYDAY! My favorite childhood game! Is as fun as I remembered!

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  1. Oh, Sarah...that Barbie head is going to eat one of you in your sleep...