Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Oatmeal! Like a big girl!

 I think I am starting to get ready to lose the baby weight. But then I am still buying chocolate chips by the thirty-six-ounce bag every week at the store, so who knows.

The Mom Edit has a daily style challenge prompt on Instagram, and I have been playing along with Minnie all moth, and it has been SO FUN to get dressed and wear my clothes in different ways. At first I was determined not to repeat clothes, but it has been even more fun to wear my favorites (SWEAT PANTS. MY FAVORITES ARE SWEAT PANTS and a $20 TARGET SWEATSHIRT) in new ways. Anyway, if you are on Instagram, I recommend playing along and following the hashtag #tmestylechallenge It has been a great February pick-me-up. Today is match your mask to your outfit, and it will make me feel like I have somewhere to go.

She loves oatmeal, and since I am not pumping this time around, I bought pre-made 2 oz bottles of Similac to mix with it, and this is a genius hack you guys.

She loves these stacking cups but also they are hard to stack, and this makes her cry.
Thanks for the shirts, grandma and grandpa!
Minnie and I are dressing like me in college. 

Dorothy is also writing books these days:

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  1. The best thing to come out of 2020/2021 is the normalizing of joggers as daytime pants. I’m irrationally obsessed with them