Friday, March 20, 2020

Quarantine, Day 6 and 7

I might be counting wrong. But I think this means I am going to tell you about yesterday and today so far.


I watched season 2 and 3 of Workin Moms, all available episodes of Little Fires Everywhere and I'm Sorry.

I read a book.

I recorded a few more lectures for my class, emailed TAs, zeroed out my inboxes, worked on my adjunct class, drank a lot of water.

I took Tylenol every six hours. Unfortunately, my fever only stayed away for about 5-5.5 hours, so every time I took Tylenol, I ended up drenched with sweat.

I took some at 5 pm, knowing I'd need to take it at 11 to have the best chance of sleeping through the night (my sleep has been horrible), but then I fell asleep at 9 and slept until 3. When I woke up at 3, I felt a little achy, and my throat was SO DRY because I am disgusting mouth breather, so I drank like 30 ounces of water and figured since it had been 10 hours, I would go ahead and have some Tylenol, even though I didn't appear to have a fewer, according to my ear thermometer and also to the total absence of chills. I couldn't fall asleep again until 5, and I DID sweat like crazy again, so maybe the thermometer is broken? But, I woke up at 7:30 and felt fine. 

Except my cough is worse, and I feel like someone filled my sinus cavity with concrete, and I am SO DRIED OUT.

Still, it is going on 9 hours since my last dose-- no fever, no chills, no body aches, and I am 36.9 in one ear and 37.1 in the other.

That COUGH tho.

We shopped online for Jack's birthday and Easter, got Harry's meds sent from the pharmacy, and have groceries coming next week. We are worried that my test will be positive and that none of us will be able to leave for 14 days (from the day I got a fever, according to the PA, so Wednesday).

Cooper is OK-- fever-free for 48 hours (and mostly fever-free Wednesday)-- but his cough is also terrible and today he's complaining of a stuffy nose,  He is not eating with the other kids and is hanging out on the couch. 

Ben is averaging 30 emails a minute (yes, you read that right. I get stressed when I have 30 emails a WEEK) and working round the clock from the kitchen table. He's also keeping the house clean and doing all the laundry everyday.  He's pretty awesome.

I have big plans to record a lecture on Nixon's resignation speech, watch The Office, and finish a schlocky walk-in book from the library from long ago when libraries were a thing and taking my temperature every 5 minutes, which is totally normal, right?

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