Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 16!!!

Today was dreary, and I didn't even go for a walk outside.

I did obsess over my online grocery cart that I want to pick up on April 7. Groceries, you guys! They are taking up all of my head space. The groceries I have coming on Tuesday this week are weird because I bought whatever was in my cart already, thinking I could stick my cart in the pick up space I wanted and then modify my order, but you can't modify your orders anymore, and the grocery store broke its very careful pattern of releasing pick up times 3 days out, and I just happened to check and see the 31st up for grabs. Basically, on Tuesday, we are getting my panic cart, and I want that to not happen again next week.

I also made a perfect lasagna from random things in the house to use up cottage cheese and this week's spaghetti sauce that I made from scratch-- and I added more from-scratch sauce to it because that's just something I whip up whenever now.

We cleaned the house like a normal Sunday, and the kids played hide and seek most of the day. Harry and Cooper also have this game where they make cars out of LEGO bricks and then batter them until one of theirs falls apart and then they make more. **Shrug**

Tomorrow, I am going to start the day with everyone making to-do's because I have 100 midterm essay exams coming in to grade, along with another small assignment AND ALSO my adjunct online class has its regular stuff due. I think the secret to online teaching is grading stuff ASAP, so I plan to have all grades posted by Wednesday.  As a result, I need the kids to take a little more ownership over their learning. (We don't start virtual learning from school until 4/6, but we have been doing school at home this whole time, and we all basically love it).

So, everyone needs to do 5 things for school:
1. Lexia
2. Silent reading
3. Write in their COVID-19 journals
4. Math (either on Kahn Academy or Moby Max, in a workbook, or on worksheets-- they can pick)
5. Read aloud. We are doing Harry Potter book 1 and plan to watch the movie when we're done.

Except for #5, which we all do together, I am fine with them choosing when they want to do each of these other things.

I also want them to
1. Connect with a friend (however they'd like-- Harry and Jack have been texting and FaceTiming. Harry and one of his friends often stand across the street and shout at each other. Cooper's teacher encourages them to email their letter buddies, and Dorothy hangs out on our deck and has a screaming convo with her BFF next door on  her deck)
2. Go outside for 60 minutes (we take a walk together that covers this, but if they can all get 60 more minutes, that's for the best)
3. Make something (art? food? music? I don't care)
4. Do something unexpectedly kind for a sibling
5. Clean something (dog poop in the backyard? a mess they made? a mess someone else made-- again-- I don't care what).

I also have high hopes that I will get freaking dressed before 5pm.  This was not always the case last week, and this whole weekend has been PJ's except for Zoom hang out time.  Wish us luck!


  1. The groceries. It causes about 85-90% of my stress.

  2. This was lovely, thanks for sharing