Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Quarantine, Day 4

Things that worry me:

  • Cooper's cough
  • My cough
  • Grocery shopping (can't get a delivery until, next week; running low on fresh produce)
  • Soap (hard to find)

Things that are totally fine:

  • Spending time together
  • Juggling work and homeschool
  • Not needing to get dressed and go anywhere because I don't really have any maternity clothes anyway

Things that are better than I thought

  • How much time I have to exercise
  • Playing outside everyday for recess and gym and that last bored half hour of the afternoon
  • Homeschool in general
Dorothy loves to start each day with a morning meeting snd by reading the morning message she makes me write.
 I decided that since Jack's ELA teacher, who is wonderful, told parents to make sure kids are getting 40 minutes for reading and writing everyday, that we would tackle that first every morning with a literacy block. We use Alexa to keep time for us and first do silent reading (they chose the books)

 And then Covid-19 quarantine journals.
 Followed by good old Lexia
 The it's gym class!!
 Followed by art.
 Dorothy insisted we do self portraits.
 Math.  Also things get messy.
 While the boys worked on a social studies project, Dorothy worked in a first grade phonics book. I plan to do something with both her and Cooper during this chunk when he is fever-free and can come back to school.
 Everybody was restless, so we played 4-square at school for the last half hour of the day.
We can definitely keep this up until the end of the year!


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