Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine, Day 12

I just panic bought the same groceries I ordered this week because a pick up time opened up at my store ahead of schedule. This means I still don't have pantry snacks or hot veggie options and won't until the second week of April.  Oops. You can no longer modify your cart after clicking submit either.

So! NEW GROCERY STRATEGY. I am going to make a dream cart and just stalk pick up times everyday.  I AM DEVOTING SO MUCH OF MY TIME TO THINKING ABOUT FOOD. And there will be vegetables.

Other things I am going to do:
1. Wake up early.  I have let this slide, but I really like starting my day all by myself.  Right now, I am delaying the beginning of the kids' school day to drink coffee, work on my actual PAYING JOB, MOFOs, and blog.  But the kids are kind of agitated about it, and I want everyone to be as happy as possible, so getting up first is for sure something I ca do.
2. Take more pictures. Not taking pictures is my canary in a coal mine.
3. WEAR MAKE UP. This makes me feel happy.

Speaking of crappy pics: here are the ones I took yesterday:

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