Sunday, March 15, 2020

Quarantine Day 1 and 2 (And Dorothy's 7th Bday)

I had meetings on campus Thursday and Friday, even though the University made the decision to close Monday-at least April 10. As I was wrapping up around lunchtime on Friday, I heard rumors that the kids' school was closing, too, so I hit the store on the way home, social distancing be damned, and got ALL OF THE THINGS.

Sure enough, the Governor closed schools, and I was so glad to have full cabinets and a tiny head start on the panic shopping.

Also, it was Ben's birthday, and he worked 13 hours.

Yesterday, Saturday, was also Pi Day, so Ben went out to pick up the pies I ordered back before the world closed, and he also got donuts for Dorothy's bday breakfast, since she requested them in lieu of a breakfast cake. But that was it. We stayed home and had a pretty lovely day. Ben and I took a walk. The kids played outside. I worked on my putting my course content online for students and on helping TAs understand the online course content I created on Thursday for the large class I direct. Dorothy and I took another walk, and she is SO EXCITED for homeschool to start on Monday-- more about that in a moment.

Today was Dorothy's birthday, and she was a giant smile all day long.  She had her donut tower with candles and presents for breakfast.  Disney Plus put Frozen 2 out early, just for her (so she thought). She played with her new stuff. We cleaned the house. The kids played outside. I took another long walk. Dorothy's bestie and her family sang happy birthday (with signs!) from their deck to ours, and we had breakfast for dinner with leftover donuts, birthday cake, and Pi Day pies. I don't think she missed leaving the house, and she kept telling us what an awesome day she was having. Before dinner, her bestie brought a speaker outside on her deck, and Dorothy went out on our deck, and they danced together. I mean. It was adorable.

Tomorrow, at 9am, we start homeschool. The kids are home indefinitely, and their school is NOT going online. I have no clue what's going to happen with the rest of the year. Go through summer? Repeat all grades? Just get passed along only knowing about 65% of what they needed to? I don't know. But I DO know that A)I have no control over the outcome and B) We need a routine to keep us all sane.

So, homeschool. Dorothy insists we start with a morning meeting, so we will. I will tell you all about it because I think I have to write my way through this thing-- it's such a surreal time. Grocery store shelves are bare, but we are eating through out cabinets like crazy. It's all so weird.

The internet is horrific (which is going to make working from home SO AWESOME, but here are a couple of pics:

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  1. Lisa R9:14 AM

    If you are looking for resources, ABC Mouse is free for 30 days (ages 2-8), Usborne had some resources, Scholastic is putting out a website with stories and articles for older kids (, there's a list on of museums you can tour from home, and I believe it's the Cincinnati zoo that is doing live video feed in the afternoon!