Friday, February 15, 2019

Back to work week what the heck week is it?

Between the snow day and the increased domestic demands on my time because Ben is working more hours at the office and a day of elementary parties and a glorious day spent volunteering in junior high, I am just like OH MY GOSH a little bit tapped out.

Good news: I am working so efficiently and finding snatches of time where time didn't used to exist, which I think is a really important skill for any worker/parent to have.  Like right now!  Blogging has been on my list for a couple of days, and I decided to take Jack and Coop to the library real fast after school and am sitting happily in the children's area writing this update.  Also, I got some amazing holds, so.

Bad news: I am getting everything done, but there's no time for the extra stuff.

More bad news: To make up for the snow days our district is releasing 11 minutes late for the rest of the year, and that really cuts into Dorothy's dance class.

Also, I am gaining weight, I'm pretty sure.  And you know what? The Valentine's sweets have nothing to do with it.  Shut up.
TFW you use your snow day morning to finish all your homework FOR THE WEEK
 Snow day screen time. The mini-Bens were watching a Wrigley Field DVD. Because of course they were.
 Sledding.  Why yes, that is Dorothy's Beauty and the Beast nightie hanging out from her coat.
 Ill-advised sled races
 It's a really big hill.
 Harry and I finally got to go out for pancakes at the diner by his school.
 Dorothy is so happy to be back on the big! red! mat!
Next week, I want to fit in more maintenance house work.  It would be ideal if I could dust and vacuum the bedrooms and dust and mop the living room once in the middle of the week.  I am managing to do bed making and bedroom tidying and bathroom wipe downs daily, but the other stuff would make me feel better as the week drags on.

I also want to do yoga, something I have completely cut out.

Finally, I want to write more than this blog at least a couple of times a week.

Wish me luck!

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