Monday, February 25, 2019

Pro/Con for a Monday

Con: The house is tee-rashed
Pro: We had a happy and harmonious morning and everyone went to school in appropriate spirit week clothing and had their meds.

Con:  I did not work on my adjunct online class, um, at all this morning even though it was clearly written in my to-do list.  My really really optimistic to-do list that looks more Wednesday-ish than Monday-ish.
Pro: I ordered Dorothy's birthday party decorations, cake, balloons, and favors, deciding that online shopping makes the most sense and that I do not have to drive all the hell over town and comparison shop for the best deal because my time? IS NOT FREE.  Every kid is getting a Pokemon easy reader book and maybe if I buy film an Instax picture of themselves posed by the Pokemon photo wall.  (It's a Pokemon party.)  But probably, I will just upload a bunch of digital pics to the Evite and call it a day.  So a book.  THEY ARE GETTING A BOOK.  In other party news, this is going to be a delightfully low-key party.  It's only 90 minutes long, and it's not during a meal time.  The birthday girl has requested we play duck, duck, goose and pin the tail on the Pokemon.  I also got a pinata and plan to print a bunch of Pokemon coloring sheets/set up a tiny crafts table where they color and maaaaaybe decorate a pinata treat bag.  Jack has volunteered to man a Pokemon tattoo station.  There will be cake, ice cream, pretzels, fruit, juice boxes, and Pokemon fruit snacks.  Period,  DONE-ZO. (Wish me luck, obvs, because house full of kindergarteners, etc).

Con: Still haven't opened my novel, even though my computer situation is totally fixed and love my new Mac and did I mention it is pink?
Pro: I have written a poem everyday for a week.

Con: No plans to leave the house or get dressed until a true cluster of an afternoon with pick up and drop off times to manage, etc.
Pro: Planned to get takeout, simplifying my life by about a million percent.

Pro: A day unfolding with time to actually DO IT.


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