Tuesday, February 05, 2019

19 for 2019-- How's It Going?

19.  Less phone but more pictures!  FAIL FAIL FAIL all the fails.
18.  19 dinner dates.  We are so working on this one.  3 next week, in fact!  And one planned for the next week.
17.  Monthly pedicures.  GAH.  I skipped January, but I gave myself a great one yesterday. I have no clue what's preventing me from hitting the salon.  Maybe now that the polar vortex is over?
16.  Regular massages:  ON IT.  I have had 2, and I have more on the horizon. The trick with my HMO is to remember when I can schedule them.
15.  Cardio 5 days a week:  YEP
14.  Yoga 3 days a week:  Well, I have done twice this week, but it's the first regular spurt.  Again, what in the world is standing in the way of meeting this goal?
13.  Read 200 books, at least 150 by women authors and at least 10 poetry.  I am making progress here in all categories.
12.  Finish my novel.  FOR REALZ.   I have moved backwards, you guys.  I lost an entire YEAR of writing when my computer crashed.  Maybe this isn't a totally bad thing?  Or maybe I am insane.
11.  Do meaningful PD every quarter.  ON IT.
10.  Girls nights out:  Yes!  Moving positively in this direction.
9.  Move.  Or come to terms with not moving.  Still thinking.
8.  Write poetry: Oh shit, you guys.  I also lost 30 pages of poetry.
7.  See all the Oscar nominees for best picture before the Oscars 3/8 so far-- need to get moving on this one, obvi.
6.  24 POTY podcasts:  Not sure about this one anymore, guys, because of Ben's new job.
5.  Family movie nights (aim for 3 a month): SLAYING IT.
4.  WORK ON MY ABS for the first time in 12 years:  Doing this!  I hate it!
3.  Get a puppy?  Maybe?
2.  Remember my vitamins: Mixed.  I have added more vitamins, but I have also started writing "VITAMINS" on my to-do lists, so.
1.  Find perfect black heels.  I forgot about this one and also want to add fine the perfect ankle boots for next fall on clearance.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Can I make a totally unsolicited suggestion about the puppy?

    Foster one for a rescue org. In the spring or better yet the summer. So you don't have to take it out all the time in the cold and your kids will be home more to help. If you realize that having a puppy is more hassle than you want, or if your dog doesn't get along with it, then it's not permanent and you'll be a nice mix of happy and sad when it finds its forever home. And if you love it, the org will let you keep it!