Friday, February 22, 2019

Back to work: The first normal week

Oh my goodness!

It snowed, but there were no snow days!

I worked and worked and worked this week!

And you guuuuuuuys!  I got so much done. The class I direct is updated for fall.  My lectures are prepped for next week.  My adjunct classes are trucking along.  I wrote 6 pages of poems to make up for all of the poetry lost when my computer died.  I only have to read 5 more books to be on track for the month, and I have gobs of library holds lined up.

I can see a way through this semester.


On  Thursday, I worked all day on campus, and when I came home to grab the kids and drag them, through 2 plus hours of extracurriculars.  And when I ran inside at 3 pm to drop off Ben's dry cleaning, let the dog out to pee, grab Dorothy's dance bag, the bag of activities for Cooper and Jack, ad Harry's hockey stuff (with a special trip downstairs to grab the exact sweatshirt he wanted to wear on the ice for practice), I realized that no one switched the laundry all day.  BECAUSE NO ONE WAS HOME.  It used to be that on a  day like that when I flew through the door to grab the kids and be their taxi, the house would be warm and would smell like dinner prep and clean clothes and dryer sheets.  Because on my outside days, Ben was inside working.  BUTA NOW WE ARE ALL GONE and it's a bummer.  We never could have done this when the kids were little.  It is hard enough when they are taken care of all day, and all I a missing is a cozy house, you know.  Hats off to families with little kids and working parents because day-um.

Jack and Cooper and I enjoyed a cozy half an hour at Panera where the boys worked on projects and I read a book
 Jack got the signature hot chocolate, and it was clearly a good choice.
 At least someone is cozy on the couch.
 The 100th day of schoooooool!
 The kids' school has a 100 day store for the kindergarteners where they get to shop with a cup full of 100 pennies, and it is THE CUTEST.

Happy weekend-- we are looking down the barrel of ANOTHER winter storm.  Bah.

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