Tuesday, February 19, 2019


I had a couple of 19 for 2019 items on my list that revolved around dates.  Ben and I wanted to go out more.  I wanted to go out with friends more, and I wanted to have more one-on-ones with the kids.  I worked hard on those goals last week, in addition to doing all of the things, and, like usual, I have tons of crappy pictures

Dorothy and I had an early morning Costco date where we successfully stuck to our list and bought only health things-- the s'mores bar Dorothy grabbed at a pre-Costco coffee shop notwithstanding, obvs.
 Meanwhile, Jack had a date with a hitting coach
 Later that day, Dorothy and I went on a shopping date because I needed something to wear on an actual date later that night, and she really wanted some new shoes because even though it is cold and snowy, it's going on like month four of Ugg season, which is always a bummer.
 At a bar!  On a real date!
 I found these pictures in my photo stream because Dorothy must have taken them at hockey on Sunday, and could I love them more?  Not possible.

Dorothy's shoes
 Her leggings
 And the t-shirt she found with Beatrix on it.  OH MY GOSH.
 We rounded out the weekend twinning in our headbands with a podcast date.  I am just crossing those NYR's off the list.  Next up: Cram in a few more Oscar movies before this weekend!

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