Tuesday, February 26, 2019

All of the emails.

My to-do list urged me to write today, but I do not have the mental space to bang out a poem. 

And then I realized that I wrote 10,000 emails today.  I wrote all of the emails, actually.  And what is that, if not writing?

Here lies Sarah.  She wrote a lot of emails.

When you are trying to feel optimistic about your day, but also you are kind of tranqued out, and your hair is looking rainbow-y and you might be a gumdrop with teeth:
I had acupuncture today, and my therapist said she was going to work on my uterus and she was trying to produce a dull ache that morphed into a spreading sensation, and I was lime whatever and then OH MY GOSH it totally happened and I fell asleep under the heat light like a fleshy lizard and I woke up feeling wonderful.

Can you tell that Cooper just wanted to go to school? It was already three minutes later than he wanted to leave.  But spirit week means pictures:
PJ day, yesterday
If my math is correct (and, I mean, we have every reason to believe it is not), this is the last year that Cooper and Jack and Jack and Dorothy will go to the same school unless Dorothy and Cooper do their undergrad wherever Jack is ion grad school.

So, I guess these days are even sweeter than I realized.

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