Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Snow Daze

It happened.  No school yesterday, and I had to put my class online and stay home because the roads we totally treacherous.  We tried to go to the movies just to get the heck out, but we couldn't even leave our street.  Cars were stuck up and down the hill.  It was intense.

The kids ate a pint of buttermilk, 15 eggs, 1.5 pounds of bacon.  For lunch.

We went sledding.  We binged some Nailed It.  It was cozy and delightful and then?  THEY WENT BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN.

But I already committed myself to helping with a junior high speech contest.  And the day before, Cooper was home "sick."  And tomorrow after class, I have double Valentine parties.  WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE  A NORMAL WORK WEEK, I ask you??

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