Thursday, February 21, 2019

Does this sound frazzled? I might be frazzled.

Of all the days to NOT prep the night before, today was THE WORST ONE.  I forgot that Dorothy has dance on Thursdays.  harry has rehearsal and then hockey.  Jack and Cooper are, as ever, along for the ride.  It's all very fraught. 

And yet.  There I was, packing back packs and after school bags and snacks and water bottles and making myself a chicken salad pita right there at 8 am.  Amazingly, though, I got to lecture with TIME TO SPARE.  But, alas, not enough time to get a coffee.  Tragic.

Not tragic?  Enlisting Cooper's help with dinner prep.  OMG he's the most enthusiastic.  (But, alas, he still only eats plain beige carbs, and not potatoes, even though he loves to stab them, and they certainly fit the bill.

 Best side dish ever: just cut some sprouts in half and out syrup, butter, and Everything But the Bagel on them and cook them at whatever temperature your meat is cooking.

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