Monday, June 25, 2018

HBD Harry! I took almost no pics of the birthday boy but lots of selfies because I am awesome

Dorothy brought a friend to the party-- how cute were they?
 Dorothy was actually unimpressed with the whole night, which was ironic because I was SUPER IMPRESSED that something we do on the regular-- hang out at the pool, eat pizza, go home-- is fun enough to be a PARTY.
 Ben was outside at baseball from 9-11 and got an awesome base tan.
 So does Dorothy
 This was the most adorable-- and deafening-- rendition of Happy Birthday ever.
 Still love parties.
 Flippin' Cooper
 In a total POTY move, we got the Kona ice truck to come by at the end of the party.  Big hit. YUGE.
 And of course I showered and pajama'ed Dorothy before we went home because OF COURSE I DID.  I will go to great lengths to save 10 minutes. 
It was a great party, and in a sign of true maturity, when Harry went to the sporting goods store to spend his birthday cash and gift cards on an insanely expensive catcher's mitt that we never would have bought him, he bought the 2-year protection plan, too.  My baybee is growing up.

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