Friday, June 15, 2018

Dress rehearsal and all of the things

While I was off galavanting around downtown putting makeup on my preschooler, Harry's Little League team got to play at the Brewer's stadium.  Not on the Brewer's actual field, but on a Little League field INSIDE the stadium-- it was pretty awesome.

 Also awesome?  Dorothy sleeping in rollers
 Look!  It's the world's teeniest old lady walking her dog!
 DRESS REHEARSAL!!!  This is the only picture I got of Dorothy in her unicorn costume, sadly.  I will do better tomorrow!
 Eating at her favorite pancake-ry.
 SELFIE!  You can TOTALLY tell that she broke my nose all those years ago

 I wanted to go on a Bucky hunt around the square durnig out down time, but she was NOT HAVING IT.

 When a shorty takes your pic:
 We went to our favorite library instead.
 And then it was time for MOAR MAKEUP
 Bunnies playing board games.
 A sweet treat.
 Such a dainty sleeper.
 So far, I am TOTALLY dominating.  DUH.
 We also took a super quick trip to good old Pekin last weekend.
 See?  There we are in my parents' basement!
And on that thrilling note... Happy weekend!  We survived our first week of summer, and we are heading into Dorothy's dance recital and Father's Day.  Hope you have a great one, and get excited for the return of my totally half-assed menus.  LIVING THE DREAM.

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