Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tiny moments from a summer of small things

It's only like week 2 or 3 of all of the children being home while Ben and I (but mostly me because Ben leaves the house to go to work at regularly appointed times) try to work, but I think we are settling into our routine.  This is because the kids are BUSY (Harry is on 2 baseball teams right now -- though the season for one is ending and the season for the other is just starting--and is taking tennis lessons and diving lessons; Jack has the end of baseball season and also dive meet season and lost of dive practice; Cooper is doing swim and tennis lessons and hopes to add dive lessons in July; Dorothy has swim lessons and water ballet) enough that we have regularly scheduled events everyday that give our lives a nice rhythm.  But!  We have enough nothing to do that we can be super flexible with our time.  We have also had a really good mix of pool days, cool days, and the kind of day-long rain that makes screen time and blankets on the couch feel like the perfect plan for the day.

I like summer so far.  There.  I said it.

We have to stumble through the next 6 weeks and then! 2 weeks of vacation!  Then it will be time to frantically do all of the things before school starts.  This feels very doable.

Harry, writing birthday thank-you notes:
 I decided to cut out all of the comics from like 2 years of New Yorkers that have just been sitting on a bookshelf so I could make something fro my office.
 This salad!  With chicken!  IS SO GOOD.  I used Aldi garlic salad dressing instead of garlic and olive oil because I cannot eat olive oil.  I also didn't have dijon and used spicy mustard.  I would go get dijon if I were you.  Also!  There is a titch too much lemon in here for me, so I will dial it back next time (I just juiced both lemons I zested and didn't measure the juice-- oops).  Also!  We have been eating this over a bed of mixed greens-- highly recommend.
 Helping me clean the floor after breakfast.
 Snack buffet.
 Harry, who loves The Office, just realized that BJ Novak wrote a children's book.  He's a fan.
 Coloring on a cold day while Harry plays tennis
 Breaking in a new mitt
 Ice cream hijinks.
 And to think, she hasn't even seen a Tim Burton movie.

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