Monday, June 18, 2018

HBD, Harrison, Part 1

This is the very last picture on camera roll of Harry age 11.  After this one, he's 12 all the way!!
 So! Cute!

 Even cuter with the actual birthday boy:
12 is a lot of candles, you know?
 So many sibs that your birthday is always a party? No problem, kids. YOU'RE WELCOME.
 Birthday donuts for his all-star baseball team!
 A birthday lunch at the birthday bar!
 He also played his new video games, played backyard badminton with neighborhood friends, played in the pool with more friends, and split a huge bacon pizza with Jack
 He ended the day with some birthday dives.
 And then a little euchre.
 A pretty great day for a pretty great kid.  Stay tuned for his party this weekend!

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