Sunday, June 03, 2018

What We're Eating 23/52

I am starting to think that these menu posts are a total exercise in futility.  I mean, WE ARE EATING GARBAGE OVER HERE.  Like, for example, on Friday, Ben and I made ourselves tacos for a late lunch, and then we reheated them to have tacos with the kids Saturday night because we just cannot get excited about dragging everyone to a restaurant.  That is some serious half-assery.

Book club for me, take-n-bake pizza and breadsticks for the fam
Culvers on the the way to tack from after school swimming
Pool dinner
Picnic at a park before track practice
Whatever we have around the house after baseball, after the kids eat snacks at the baseball concession stand.  Sounds like a winning recipe to me
Dinner somewhere cheap and terrible on the way to baseball from the pool!
We have a helluva day-- dress rehearsal for Dorothy and a baseball game at a major league field for Harry and an aaaaaaaall daaaaaaay day of activities.  So the plan is EITHER pool all night or a little pool and a pizza/movie night at home. 

PHEW what a freaking WEEK.

I didn't even mention all of the end-of-school celebratory activities.  OMG.

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