Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last Day of School!!!

 It happened on Friday, the moment I have been waiting for slash dreading for weeks.  THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.

As I write this on Tuesday morning, I know that I have only an hour to squeeze in all of the things I want to do for myself as a person before the tiny people are all over me.  But, still, we have a summer of fun ahead of us.

 What a great year for Harry!  He learned how to deal with getting real grades and having actual homework.  He rode the bus, went to a new school, made new friends-- a big year!  Next year, I am going to make him join more clubs and stuff because SERIOUSLY.  I am really glad he took a risk on a new school and can't believe how much he's grown up this year!
To celebrate, we took Harry's pic and jumped in the van to grab donuts and drive him to school on his very last day (school starts at 7:30, so this was...early).
 Then we ran home to celebrate this kindergartener, who had an amazing year with a delightful teacher.
And the world's sweetest fourth grader.  Jack had a wonderful teacher this year-- one of those teachers you remember forever, and he will miss her so much.  He also really grew up this year.

I hosted my usual last day of school mimosa and coffee party
 With this banner from Target that I love because when do you NOT want to say HOORAY?!
 We picked the boys up at school and ran in to grab Cooper's inhaler from the nurse.  While we were in the office, I asked if they were doing their usual bubbles and music for the last day, and not only did the receptionist say they were, but she gave Dorothy a bottle of bubbles so she could be an official blower.  BEST.  DAY.  EVER.
 Buh-bye kindergarten!
 Jack was crying-- that's how wonderful his teacher was!
 And then?  S U M M E R!!!!!!

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