Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break Day 2

Boy did we do a lot of sitting. 

We left my parents' house at 8:45 and pulled up to hour hotel in Huntsville at 5:45 after stopping for an hour for lunch in Metropolos, IL. This marks the first time EVER that we made an 8-hour drive in 8 actual hours since lunch was our only stop. 
The kids were thrilled as ever over an indoor hotel pool, and Ben and I were happy that the bar made stiff drinks in plastic cups. 

I realized that I forgot my freaking flat  iron AND my face wash. 

There was some fighting, but the kids were remarkably good in the car probably because we are terrible parents and went screen limitless. 

I baked a ton of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the road and am basically the only person eating them. Swimsuit here I come!!

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