Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Our week so far in pictures

 Oh, Jack.  I love that he still plays so hard.  The above picture is from the other night.  I called the kids up for dinner, and this is how he appeared, carrying bottles of shampoo and shower gel inexplicably in each and and wearing an empty back pack and a plastic firefighter hat.

In other news, Ben and I have done a terrific job over the course of the last year stepping outside our comfort zone and being more social. Most weekends, we are busy with friends every night-- a far cry from our lives just months ago.  We really, really like it.  And I usually go out once or twice a week with my friends and ben and his play poker and watch basketball.  It's been fun, as you can see:

 But something I want to get better about is hosting people at my own house.  I need to stop worrying about whether things are good enough and just have people over more often.  This is a New Year's resolution-worthy goal and not too late to take on for 2016, I think.

I went to my friends' gym with several of them last weekend deep in the throes of PMS, and I hated it so much that I didn't even stay for the whole workout (PMS) even though we all came in the same car and I had to call Ben for a ride.  But!  I learned the importance of strength training and went immediately to Dick's for a mat, a resistance band, and a weight kit.  It;s been really revolutionary, and I think I want a rowing machine for my birthday.
 Of course we have had MOAR hockey.  But!  This weekend is the state tournament, so we are almost done.  Phew!  Just in time for baseball season.
 Dr. Seuss's b-day at school.
 Breakfast cupcakes help your Rice Krispies stick to your chin.
 Pajama Day for Jack, but everyone decided to dress like crap, too.  Solidarity!
 Jack and his bestie waiting for me to read Hop on Pop and pass out the damn cupcakes already.
 When your dad fixes your fairy wand:
 Me and Beatrix have the same idea of a perfect afternoon.

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  1. I used to HATE having people over to my house. Now I still don't love it, and get a bit overanxious about how clean my house is and if I have enough snacks, but it has definitely gotten easier. Maybe try something super low-key? I did a Girl's Night watching Fuller House and it was perfect. Wine, tater tots, and Netflix. Done!