Sunday, March 06, 2016

The end of hockey! Also Daniel Tiger!

 Above:  That's Ben on Thursday night at OUR LAST HOCKEY PRACTICE OF THE SEASON THANK GOD.  They played kids versus parents, and it was adorable and no one got hurt.  Phew!

Below:  Could really be me on vacation in two weeks.  All my clothes are too tight, and I have cellulite on my stomach.
 Harry's hockey team played in the state tournament this weekend, and Dorothy was the world's crabbiest cheerleader.

 She totally loves playing with her 4 year-old friend during games, though.
 Harry's team won their first game Saturday morning, so we ran home to drop the little kids off with a sitter and jack at a birthday party.  Then we sprinted back to the east side of town to celebrate with a drink (Harry's was a ginger mint Shirley Temple alternative) before watching his team win their second game, earning a spot in the state championship game this morning.

 Then we took Harry to the rink and hit up another bar for one more drink before the game.  And I checked my Fitbit and realized that I had zero active minutes and only took 6420 steps all day.  NO WONDER I'M FAT.
 The Polar Caps taking the ice.
 And celebrating with pie.  Harry kept saying "I can't believe I am in a state championship!"  It was adorable.
 And then his team lost 3-1 today in the title game to a team they'd beaten before.  They were all pretty cocky about it the night before the game, which is never a good sign.  Ah, nine year-olds.
 Root beer floats made everyone feel better.

 I was actually saying cheese in this picture, which is something Ben says grown ups don't usually do.
 Ben and Harry went to an end-of-season hockey party, and these 3 clowns and I went to DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD LIVE!!!!

 The kids really liked it, but I was super super super board.

Also, Daniel was the hugest thing onstage, which was odd when he was interacting with his parents.  Also also, he could not see a damn thing and the rest of the characters had their real faces smack dab in the middle of their plush heads.  IT WAS WEIRD.

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