Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Day 4

Drinking coffee on our patio this morning, I realized it was totally stupid that I was LOOKING at the beach instead of, you know, standing on it or walking on it.
 Luckily, Harry is always up for a walk on the beach, and we collected all of our pockets full pf some serious shells.
 Eventually, we got the rest of the family and went to the clubhouse for muffins and coffee before heading out with our dorky mesh bag shell collector thing to get our feet (and pajamas and windbreakers) wet and find some more shells.

 Dorothy also couldn't resist making a quick sand castle by our beach chairs.
 Cooper and Jack are always up for sandcastles.
Me, too, truth be told.
 We had a huge, fatty lunch before heading to the grocery store because as far as I can tell, the best part about a condo is not having to take our asshole kids (I mean, they're only sometimes assholes, you know) to restaurants.

 And the rest of the afternoon was me and Ben mostly lounging while the kids built castles and swam in the Gulf and the pools.

 This face right here?  Is why I am so getting Botox.  For real.

 We took a quick break for snacks
 And Harry and Jack sang karaoke.  Sweet Caroline for Jack and The Gambler for Harry.
 And we took a sauna
 The kids ate dinner inside with their iPads (POTY) while Ben and I had dinner (leftover takeout from yesterday-- so glam) on the patio.
 After dinner, we had ice cream and playground time in an attempt to tire the little kids out, so we could watch a movie with the big kids on the Apple TV we borrowed from my parents because we left our Apple TV at home with my damn hair straightener.


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