Tuesday, March 22, 2016


 Today was a beach day, and Harry, Jack, and Cooper have raging sunburns because Ben and I had a miscommunication about who was responsible for sunscreening them.  But we both screwed up by not applying more after a couple of hours.  Dorothy is OK because I put 100 on her face, and she wore long sleeves.

Also, the boys buried her, but I don't think sun protection was on her mind.
 In retrospect, they should have maybe stayed in their fort.
 Their classy, classy fort.
 Much to the amusement of random passersby, the kids spent quite some time rolling down this kind of odd sand hill on the beach (not a dune-- I am not an idiot and the dunes are protected, anyway).

 2 things:  1 he is the same color as the sand so he looks like a sugar donut, and 2 that shell is striped exactly like his swim trunks.
 Coolest shadow ever.
 Yelling at the kids in the hot tub.
 My oldest friend in the world is vacationing here with her 3 kids and her whole family, so we met up with them at a fun carnival/go cart track.  The kids LOVED it.  Also, why the hell didn't we put sun screen on them before we went?
 Dorothy was my partner in the bumper boats, and we were the target of both boys and Ben, so we got SOAKED.
 Cooper LOVED LOVED LOVED driving the tiny go carts.
 He also loved the swings.
 We had a great time!
 So, at first, I didn't want to stay in a condo because I thought it was too much like camping (SHUT UP), but I have to tell you making the kids food instead of taking them to a restaurant where they will embarrass us and not eat a damn thing anyway is MY FAVORITE PART OF THE TRIP.
 Back to the beach after dinner to try to fly a kite.
 I have to say, this sweater is the dark horse winner for most useful thing I brought with me.  I wore it in the car on the way here fro, Huntsville, wore it over my pajamas watching TV last night, used it as a jacket at the track to day, and wore it as a beach cover up tonight.  And before this week, I almost never wore it at all.
 Suddenly while Ben was wrestling with the kite, the setting sun peaked out for a few golden minutes of light.
 I tried really hard to get a cute picture of everyone because I have a picture of all of them form every other time we have ever been to the beach.  But no dice tonight.
 Now I have a goal for tomorrow, which promises to be a lot like today only we aren;t going anywhere but the beach and the pools and the beach again.  And I am considering day drinking.
 But about that kite.  IT NEVER FLEW.

 And was generally a giant pain in my ass.
We got up today and made chicken to eat for dinner in salads and made brownies for dessert, and I worked out, and we did laundry and vacuumed the sand out of this place.  It was lovely.  I really mean that.  A little bit of productivity makes me feel useful, but tomorrow?  I plan to be a total slacker.

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  1. I am 100% in the non-hotel camp! such a game changer. And I love that sweater! Super cute