Thursday, March 03, 2016


 HOW COOL is this Duplo wall at the library, and why have I never thought of this before.  I am making a Lego wall in Harry and jack's room as soon as Ben and I can get off our lazy asses and follow-through.
 After school yesterday, we dropped Jack at the tutor, and I took the other 3 with me to pick up library books that I was too excited about to let languish at the library.  I LOVE library holds.

Cooper and harry were really good, but Dorothy?
 It was like I had never taken her to a library before, and I have!  Lots!
 I mean, she was really nice to the other bedraggled library children, but when it was time to check out?

Harry had to keep retrieving her.
As you can see our library is totally beautiful with huge windows and a vaulted ceiling, but the acoustics!  Totally ridiculous.  The children's area is quiet for some reason even though it's right off the main room, but the check out desk?  If you are sitting by the windows doing quiet work, you can hear every single tiny sound from the checkout desk.  I am serious.  I have heard people pull their library cards out of their wallets from my perch in the way back. So I know that the sound of my two-year-old screaming, "This is my quiet voice!"  and "You look mad mommy? Are you happy?" was totally welcome.  **eye roll**

If this wasn't a blog I would totally go back and edit for my egregious use of totally.  But since it totally IS a blog, I'm going to go blithely back to work.

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  1. The checkout desk is basically guaranteed to elicit either screaming or whining from the majority of my children. OR, totally inappropriate family confessions like "Mom! I wiped my boogers on the bench over there!"