Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break Day 1

I feel like yesterday was really spring break day .5 because all the kids went to school and Ben and I spent our day cleaning the house, shopping for last minute stuff, cleaning out the car, and packing. We picked the boys up 40 minutes early and hit the road!

To go 3.5 hours to my parents' house. But! For the first time ever with 4 kids, we didn't stop!! 

We had dinner at Potbelly, watched the end of the awesome Badger game and generally mourned the rest of our brackets, let the kids run around until they were tired, and drank wine and complained about the election with my parents.  We also loaded up evertyone's iPads with new games, and we have 3 10-foot charging cables-- learned our lesson from last summer for sure. 

Let the break begin!!!

Dorothy wouldn't leave until her doll was safely buckled in. 
Cooper cried because he was thirsty for 45 minutes and then drank like 2 sips of water at dinner so that was awesome. 
Ben found these little cuties all snuggled up when he went in to turn off their lights. 

Dorothy and Cooper wore their road trip shorts. But only for this picture. Then Cooper stripped his off and threw it away because the sleeves were too tight (and it was covered in green paint). 

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