Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ack! I haven't posted since Sunday?!

Admittedly, I have been in a bit of a funk these past few days.

Unbelievably (because I am a grown up-- and a grown up who is supposedly an expert in persuasive communication, no less) I have spent the past week defending my right to post whatever the fuck I want on Facebook and my blog (my blog!?!  my personal fucking blog?!?!) at my kids' school.  Apparently, expressing concern here and on FB for shit that goes on at school conflicts with my role as a school volunteer (um-- no.  no it doesn't-- that's been my position, and I have not backed down one iota, which has led to some awful gossip about me (I walked in on some the other day, which was pretty funny and awkward for the other parties, but not so much for me-- I was in a sorority, remember) and some general bad feelings all around.)  Long story short, I love volunteering at my kids' school, AND I have some deeply rooted concerns about public ed generally and some aspects of our school specifically, but these two things are not --or should not be-- in conflict.  And!  Most of the time, my kids' school is wonderful, filled with wonderful people doing great things for kids.

 I didn't want to say anything here because apparently some randoms from my real life read this blog (which makes sense because it is linked under my "about" on FB but I never really post the link to it there unless people ask me for some book recommendations) and I didn't want them to know how badly rattled I am by this whole incident.  But I am really, really sad.  I cried all day yesterday, in fact, and it's distracting me from  my book and other writing, so I decided to talk about here, albeit vaguely.  Because the details just make me mad and sad all over again.  But!  If Kitty Kelley could say all that shit about Nancy Reagan (thanks for the comparison, Mom!) and never get sued, I am going to stand by everything I have written and posted because THE TRUTH IS NEVER DEFAMATORY.

(Also, hello people I know in real life that I didn't know knew I had a blog.  Welcome to Harry Times.  It's funny because usually people think I am a bitch until they get to know me on FB and then they realize I am shy in person and actually really nice and kind of funny,  But you read this which I think is a better indicator of who I am than me in person because I really am shy and introverted at heart, and you dislike me even more.  So, that's kind of a bummer.  But! Stay!  Read the archives!  Let's have lunch or coffee-- I'm fun, I promise!)

Phew!  I feel so much better. I haven't posted because I have felt like I am keeping a secret from my blog.  I even skipped a day on Instagram of my 100 happy days posts because IT WASN'T A HAPPY DAY because I am just so sad about this whole thing.  Or I was.  Seriously, this post was a game-changer for me.

Dorothy is not fucking around when she colors.  Her intensity-- and pencil grip-- are both outstanding.
 We had Jack's Cub Scout den meeting in our basement, and the babies and I made brownies.  Note:  Next time there are a bunch of 8 year olds in my basement, I cannot serve them crumbly chocolate anything.  At least not without more supervision.
 Cooper told me that now that he's 4 and a half, he can climb this thing.  Then Dorothy said she cannot because she is too "wittle."
 But she looks totally huge in these slide pictures

 And she was big enough to go all the way to where we parked Cooper's bike and her little push car and get the water bottles.
 Cooper is very particular about the plating of his food:
 Jack is taking a gymnastics class.  Last night he was the only boy, which meant he got a one-on-one lesson.  There are usually 3 boys in his class, which is also a pretty awesome ratio.

Back to work.  Feeling better than I have in a week.


  1. Haters gonna hate. . . . You do you. (I'm done with the pop culture platitudes, I promise.)

  2. Kim S3:22 PM

    It's hard. I have ruffled a few feathers at school. I told Tay to tell the principal they Ryan Whited her last week. Gabe told me that would get me a phone call for sure. Then yesterday he "joked" that I've been blacklisted all over school. I've been wondering how things were going and almost asked on fb yesterday. Hang in there. I hate reading about this.

  3. Michelle5:02 PM

    So sorry to hear about this. I would think your district would want to keep their volunteers, especially given all the great work you and Ben do for the school. I hope your week gets better.

  4. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Keep being honest , your POV resonates with me , encourages makes me feel not so alone since my daughter also has yes you are helping other moms with you wonderful writing

  5. Ughhhh eye roll at childish adult drama. You haven't said anything on this blog that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing publicly (obvs, since your blog is public), and I'm pretty sure that unpaid volunteers and also parents are allowed not only to have opinions, but to express them. Sorry you've been sad.

  6. That is ridiculously dumb. I hate hate hate adult drama. I also hate feeling picked on. Hope the rest of the week is better now that you've vented here!

  7. I'm so sorry. Stupid drama is ridiculous and yet still manages to hit hard. Hang in there. I appreciate and admire that you're standing your ground. You're setting an awesome example for your kids and inspiring parents in internet-land.

  8. AHHH WHAT INSANITY. Propers to your momma for the Kitty Kelley shit because that is the realest feedback you can get about people without manners. It's also sometimes hard to remember how sad they are, because like you, they want what's best for the school, but just have some fucked up priorities for what makes a school great (hint: it's usually the level of family engagement and not poisoning the school with gossip). Hang in there & much love, sorry about Ben's face, etc.