Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Day 7

And Today started out GREAT. It was gorgeous-- warm but breezy with crazy awesome waves because a storm was on the way in. We spent three hours building sandcastles and watching the gulf after I worked out and we all had breakfast. 

I really will miss my quiet breakfasts. 
And this is a way better view than my work out dungeon at home. 

I went back to our place to find it empty because Ben and the kids had already gone down to the beach, so I took a few pictures of my walk. 

I love adding my shoes to the family's little pile on the end of the boardwalk. 
We made the kids take our picture, giant hair and all
And then we tried and tried to get a good group picture. 

The kids were THRILLED to go play in the pool before the rain, and we were happy to have them wash off all the sand. 

 We made a take n bake pizza from Publix for lunch and had plans to wait out the rain at Zootopia. 

And then we got stuck with a FLAT TIRE a thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. 

So the kids watched the newest Chipmunks movie and The Smurfs while I packed and Ben dealt with the tire. Kind of a bummer of an afternoon, but the rain over the Gulf looked awesome. 

Bonus: Dorothy got to eat all the ice cream. 

We rallied for dinner and souvenirs, and now Harry and Jack are swimming and playing in the game room while the babies sleep and Ben watches basketball. 

An excellent spring break!  As much fun as our spontaneous Mt Rushmore trip, which I didn't think was possible!

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  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I love your red ruffled two-piece swimsuit! Can you tell me where you bought it?