Thursday, January 14, 2016

Work again. Sigh.

I am annoyed but not surprised that I forgot to blog yesterday. I mean, NOTHING happened. 

Cooper and Harry stayed home from school. Jack and Dorothy went to school. Ben was home with the kids, and I worked all day. 

Working for the first time since mid- December was too much for me, and I went to be at 9:20, only to be awoken at 3:55 by a sick Dorothy who took Tylenol for her 102 fever and went back to bed. I had to turn off my 5:00 alarm, though, and am just now on the elliptical. Likely no way in hell I will be dressed and on time for my nine o'clock meeting, but you know me. I like a good challenge. 

In diet news, not eating after dinner and eating only 1200 calories kind of sucks. I was so hungry before lunch yesterday, and I was also so hungry after lunch. But! I am .5 pounds away from my first Anthropologie award!! And we have a lot of parties and stuff on the schedule between now and early next month, so I can really use it!

It was so cold yesterday and I forgot a hat. Here I am dramatically bundled to walk to the parking garage:

I came home to delicious leftover pork chop sandwiches and 4 kids playing happily. Having a house spouse is the best. 

Cooper made an awesome Geo Trax town:

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