Sunday, January 10, 2016

A slew of hockey pics

This weekend was all about the hockey (4 games total at 2 different rinks in 2 different cities), but there was also other stuff.  Like grocery shopping because we live on the EDGE.

At Costco today, I saw a cute family with 4 little boys, and the mom was so thin and stylish!  And they had all produce and healthy food.  2 flats of apples, a ton of clementines, all of the berries, greens, chicken, salmon, etc.  And my cart was jammed with wine and a mega box of (organic!) burritos.  I mean, it was hard to not compare myself and feel bad about my fitness choices.  Also, I was very hungry and went to 2 stores and packed the Prius solidly full of food that we don't even have room for in 2 fridges, the pantry, and our storage room.  But I planned no real meals, so we will be eating frozen (organic!) crap in between hockey practices.

It is so cold here that the dog held her pee from 11 last night until 10 this morning, meaning it is officially UTI cold in Wisconsin.

HARRY'S TEAM WON THEIR HOCKEY TOURNAMENT!  And Harry scored a tie-breaking goal in the third period.  Then another kid scored a goal, and they won 4-2.  The other team pulled their goalie in the last minute so they could have more players on the ice, and Ben and I, a little disoriented from coming in late because we rushed across town from Jack's game where he was the goalie (Harry went to the game with our friends/neighbors who also have a kid on the team), were screaming "SHOOT IT!" to our kids during face off because we thought it was only the second period.  We suck.  But!  Harry's team does NOT.  Jack was a good goalie sort of, also.  I mean, he let a lot of goals go by, but he also didn't seem to care, and he doesn't feel pain like a normal person, so he stopped one with his face. With some goalie clinics and a summer of tennis and baseball, I think he could be a good little goalie someday.  He still has another full year at the level he plays at now, and kids still rotate through all the positions.  Goalies don't start to specialize until they're in Harry's age bracket.  Which is good because HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH GOALIE PADS COST?

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  1. I totally compare myself to other grocery carts. Happens to the best of us. YAY HARRY!!!!! He's got to be so proud of himself!