Friday, January 08, 2016


 I made cookies yesterday.  They were delicious but almost completely flat.

Speaking of flat cookies, I picked the boys up early to take them mini golfing because why not?  And also, Jack gets a prize every time he reads 7 books.  He had a cookies the size if his face.  Like you do.
 Harry had an ice cream cone.  In the middle of winter.  Because he is a Sconnie.
 They drove some motorized boats.  Very seriously.
 Posing in cheese:

 Driving the Weiner Mobile
 Almost falling in the water feature:
Harry had an awesome hockey game tonight, the first in a weekend-long tournament.  They were losing by 3 goals for the whole game (4-1), but in the last 2 minutes they tied the score.  Then they survived 3 minutes of scoreless overtime and finally WON a shoot out.  It was so intense!  They play another game tomorrow, and we can't wait. Especially Ben who was loudly flirting with expulsion.


  1. 1. You look super skinny (I want to say "in the cheese" but that feels like too much)
    2. I have fond memories of watching my dad get kicked out of baseball games, and later being kicked out myself. It's a rite of passage!

  2. That flat cookie reminded me of "Flat Stanley." Flat cookie should tour Wisconsin to get her? his? picture taken different places.