Sunday, January 03, 2016


 I swear I had actual things to talk about today, but then I decided to go ahead and drink champagne tonight because I am for serious not drinking on week nights, so I figured what the hell, especially since we had a champagne toast at dinner, and now all I have is random pictures and run-on sentences.

But seriously, that first picture.  Calico Critters are SO FUN to play.

And this picture below-- look at her blowing the New Year's Eve blower!
 A friend of ours gave her some hand-me-down princess books and dress up shoes, and she was THRILLED.
 Fancy dinner to celebrate the lest night of break for the kids.  Ben and I have 2 more weeks!
 They were SO CUTE toasting

Tomorrow, the bog boys have school (!!!) and Ben and I have big plans to PAINT THEIR ROOM.  Yikes.

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