Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A room makeover ate the last 2 days and all I have are these lousy pictures.

 Beatrix was either making a break for it OR she wanted to take an end-of-winter-break picture.

Some idiot bought Cooper this giant Play Doh thing from Costco.
 Ben and I have been working on Harry and Jack's room for the past 2 days, so Dorothy and Cooper have had the run of the basement.

 Dorothy: always accessorized.

 Cooper no longer sleeps in his bed because he prefers the Star Wars tent he got for Christmas, which makes his room much easier to clean in the morning.
All we have done for the last 2 days is work on the boys' room and watch Making a Murderer.  But now we're done with both.  Phew!  Pics to come.

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  1. My kids have each gone through a tent phase! Luckily our ancient Thomas tent (that I bitched and bitched about buying) fits a toddler mattress perfectly :)

    I love Dorothy's fashion style!