Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why I'm Fat: A Poem

Today, coffee-shop sitting drags into hours.
Blueberry scone follows lunch's cheese
sprinkled salad, carb loaded panini, whole
latte expertly foam-heart-topped by dread-
locked barista whose jeans have day-old
pastry bulges like my genes.

Yesterday, cookie baking.  Banana bread, crumbs
from children's cess pool plates.  Delicious strep
on Teddy Grahams.  Snot with mozzarella stick's nubby
end. Soggy Kix. Contagious bagel corner.
Wine post-kid-bedtime whine. Soft cheese on salty
crackers.  Cookies standing at kitchen counter,
no witnesses.

Day before, marathon office sitting lured
me to walk in gray snow so wet
my Uggs soaked through, Fitbit
arm swinging over stairs and steps, moving
toward face-sized muffins.
I ate one, of course
before sitting again.