Sunday, January 17, 2016

I missed 2 days!

Ok, Friday was really blah.  The big kids went to school.  I worked out and got a pedicure.  Ben worked and hung with the kids in the afternoon.  We took the kids to see Norm of the North with friends, and it was maybe the worst movie I have ever seen and then our friends' 4 year-old puked everywhere at the very end of the movie and all of the rest of the kids wanted to stay in the vomit smelling theater and see the end of the worst move we have ever seen.  So, that was fun.

 But then Ben and I had a date night after the kids went to bed.

Saturday was adorable.  ADORABLE.

We played hockey with neighborhood kids on a pond by our house that a friend of ours shoveled.

 Harry won a hockey game at home.  We had a babysitter for the 3 little kids and watched the game by ourselves so we could go to a Packer party afterwards.

  We took Harry along to play with the other kids and we basically had a fun date night-- the men watched the game and the women and Ben played Cards Against Humanity.

Today, I took Dorothy to urgent care because she has been holding her pee and becoming hysterical when we ask her to go to the bathroom.  I thought she had a UTI.  Turns out she's just a control freak.
I spent 45 minutes in a gross bathroom trying to get her to pee in a cup with no success.  Then I bought 2 princess dresses at Costco and spent $50 at Claires on prizes her her prize box, made a sticker chart with construction paper and a Sharpie, and bam!  She has peed in the potty 3 times of her own volition and is only 2 stickers away from her first prize.  She also scratched her face open in 2 new places today in a rage fit over peeing/putting on her coat, so we started a sticker chart for not picking her owies, too.  SHE IS A REAL CHALLENGE.

She also got to go to her bestest friend from preschool's birthday party, and my parents came over tonight.

Tomorrow, we have a tour of the Jelly Belly warehouse and swimming at my parents' hotel on tap, so look out world!

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  1. You look lovely in both the late night pictures!! I'm inspired to try braids again :).