Sunday, January 24, 2016


Let's go back to a simpler time.  A time before all the bacteria and viruses, the strep throat and vomiting.  So.  Much.  Vomiting.

On Friday, the kids had early dismissal, so we invited all of our friends over to go skating on the pond by our house and come over for snacks and Baileys.  I made cupcakes from scratch and cookies.  We bought a couple of Costco pizzas and some veggies and spinach dip. I made a big pot of spicy soup in case skating made everyone super cold.

And then when I picked Jack and Harry up, Jack was GREEN and said he needed to go lie down.  He had a 103 fever and vomited from the moment he walked in the door until 11:00 that night.

Saturday, I took him to urgent care because his sore throat and headache were out of control, and he was positive for strep.  The nurse swore that vomiting is a normal symptom; he got some antibiotics, and w went home.  Ben and I went out for a friend's 40th birthday party, and all was lovely.

Until I woke up with a raging hangover to the sound of Harry puking all over the clean dishes in the kitchen sink.

I took him to the doc, but NO STREP.  What he does have is a 103+ fever and a stomach ache.

So we have strep AND a horrible virus.

Lucky us?


  1. Oh no! Good luck?

  2. Lea Askren12:39 PM

    Ugh! Drew has strep too! Ava and I puke when we get strep, it's total adding insult to injury. Hope everyone is better asap!