Thursday, January 21, 2016

This day. This never ending day.

Oh my god this day.

Part of my fatigue is that I made broccoli cheese soup for me and Ben to have for dinner and Harry and Jack had a late hockey practice and WE STILL HAVEN'T EATEN.

But the other part is that I got up at 5 to work out and have been home with the kids all day.  zOMG.

Usually I work at the office on Thursdays, but Ben had an all-day in-service.  So.  Work at home it was.  During my blessed 3 hours of everyone being in school this morning, I got into a really great writing groove at a coffee shop and then Harry called  to ask me to bring all his books on the Black Hawk War to school because some time opened up in his day to work on his project and since he got his books from the public library instead of the school library, they weren't just hanging out in his desk.

Dorothy has a fever and crapped all over Cooper's room.

I drove Harry, Jack, and a friend of Harry's to hickey practice where they were meeting Ben thank God, and Cooper smacked Jack the whole way there like some sort of wild animal who could not get over the novelty of three kids crammed 3 across in the way back.  Jack's eye was swollen even.  Then Cooper cried the whole way home and mot of the rest of the night because he wanted to stay at the hockey rink, too.

It's just been one of those days.

Good thing they're cute:
 (and that my soup smells so delicious)

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