Tuesday, January 12, 2016


And just like that, we are plagued.  

Jack has a weird rash around his face that's probably impetigo or something totally gross:
 Cooper has strep throat, and, not to be outdone, Harrison has a pericardial effusion and a terrible virus, his first effusion in 18 months and his first effusion since he started on the weird gout medication that was supposed to make the effusions go away.
 Dorothy feels OK still, but she had a 99.9 temeperature today, and her tonsils look a bit like raw meat.
 I spent 2 hours at the pediatrician with Cooper and brought Harry along for a strep test just in case (negative), got a referral for a second opinion cardiologist in Milwaukee, and got a referral to the pediatric dermatologist for Dorothy who still has an open wound on her damn nose.  Ben and Harry spent the whole afternoon at the cardiologist yesterday for an echocardiogram and a long conversation.  And tomorrow?  I bet you a million dollars that Dorothy and Jack will need to be seen by a medical professional.
But you know what else happens tomorrow?  I GO BACK TO WORK!  Yay?

We were supposed to go on a Jelly Belly warehouse tour today, but the bacteria and viruses kept us away, so we've tentatively rescheduled for MLK day.  I have only eaten 954 calories, most of them vegetables, and that's a lot of vegetables, so I feel kind of full and look forward to a 166-calorie glass of pinot grigio and the State of the Union tonight.

Of course we are worried about Harry and trying not to show it so he doesn't freak out because as you might imagine, chest pains really freak him out.

Mostly we just want a good night's sleep.  Cooper came in our room at 3 yesterday, and it wasn't until 4 that we realized (after not sleeping for an hour) that he was sick and gave him medicine and put him back in his own bed.  We finally fell back to sleep at 4:30 only to be woken up by Dorothy at 5:40 because she has forgotten how to sleep ever since she went back to preschool last week.  Since I am setting a 5:20 alarm to workout and get dressed and get to work by 8:30, I feel like that full night thing?  Not going to happen tonight.

In any case, wish us luck.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    So sorry everyone is sick and to hear Harry has another effusion! Hope the new doctor gives you good advice.

  2. Good luck! Sending lots of healy vibes!