Friday, January 02, 2015

My second Stitch Fix

 When we got home from Disney, our front porch was full of boxes.
 And one of them was this!  My second fix.
 To be honest with you, it was kind of a disappointment.

I really liked this dress a lot.  It would work for work or for dinner out, and it is a great style and flattering cut.  Winner for sure.
 This shirt looked dumpy and it's kind of a strange color, but I decided to try it on anyway because the whole point of this service, I think, is to experiment with clothes I wouldn't necessarily pick out for myself in the store.  TL;DR-- this shirt is SO DAMN CUTE.  I can wear it to mom stuff, to work, or even on a date-- versatile and flattering.  Another keeper.
 THE UGLIEST $100 jeans EVER.  Did not keep these-- they were so blah and terrible.
 WHAT THE HELL is wrong with this ugly shirt?  Gathered on the sides like a maternity shirt, horrid color.  TERRIBLE.
Really, really ugly statement necklace.  I almost kept it, though, because I need/want statement necklaces because that's what women like me wear with our asymmetrical blouses that skim our stretched out stomachs, but I can never seem to buy any that I like.  I am glad I sent this one back, though, because Ben got me an adorable Anthro necklace in my stocking.  He's the best.
This month, like last month, I only kept 2/5 pieces.  Next month, I hope to fall in love with the whole box.  I made a Pinterest board which is supposed to help.  I know you are glued to the screen for an update, and it's only 3 or so weeks away.

Seriously, though, you guys.  Stitch Fix is fun and a great idea if you don't have time to shop.


  1. I love the dress! Fantastic print. I look forward to seeing how you style it. I actually like the statement necklace but suppose it could look terrible on.
    As for the ugly top, I hate that gathered effect. They do that a lot on plus size clothes and, in my opinion, it always looks awful.

  2. That dress is amazing! My first box is coming this month and I'm giddily excited about it :)