Saturday, January 10, 2015

A busy little Saturday

Oh you guys, I have to go to campus Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. I haven't been to my office since 12-14, and I feel very nervous just thinking about getting up at a specific time and getting dressed and leaving the house. I almost never leave the house anymore, which is wonderful. Except we have totally gotten out of the habit of doing a regular weekly grocery run, so I have been to the grocery store more in the last 5 weeks than in all of 2014. But the grocery store doesn't count because it's not like I have to get dressed to go there, especially since my giant knee-length parka and tall Uggs and huge sunglasses cover about 90% of me. The rest is just a swatch of fabric between my knees and the middle of my shin. Needless to say, I have been sleeping in yoga pants.

Today in a rare burst of grooming, I showered AND got dressed to go to the library and the grocery store with the whole fam.  It was fancy.

We ran into my brother and his girlfriend-- they are going to have a baby SOMETIME IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS.  I am so excited!!  A sweet new baby boy that I can cuddle and sniff and squeeze (gently) and then not have to stay up all night with?  JACKPOT.  I cannot WAIT.  Ben and I both sleep with our phones next to our beds, brain cancer be damned because we don't want to miss THE CALL.

The baby is officially due tomorrow, and his mom is at that stage of pregnancy where nothing is comfortable, even sitting.  Oh, I remember those days!  Not being able to sleep and then getting all pissed at yourself because you know you are having a baby and will probably never sleep again.

Seeing them made me think of being so incredibly pregnant with Cooper.  And then I just started thinking about how wonderful Cooper is and how he has always just been a little late.  I mean, you guys, he is 3 1/4, and he is really just now speaking in sentences.  Which I have to tell you, makes the sentences wonderful little miracles, every single one of them.  When he comes in bed with Ben in the morning and says "Daddy, scratch my back please."  Or when he falls down and says he need ice for his feet.  Or when he tattles on Harry and Jack.  Even that is precious.  Tonight at dinner, he said his happy place is his closet (what?) and then asked everyone in turn where our happy place is.  It;s really fun to finally hear his thoughts.  Like when he thinks the weekly test of the emergency alert system is bad guys or when he asks to hold my hand in the parking lot "so I don't die, mommy" (erm, what?), or when he demands a another pice of hot gum and tells us that he can't poop on the potty because "poop my pants is best."  I really love hearing him talk.

Apropos of nothing, here is Jack making dinner last night-- he is the happiest little helper.
And a ruffian of a Princess Anna on her new trampoline

I came upstairs to check on the dog because I was worried she was doing something bad.  Clearly, my fears were unfounded.

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  1. You gave so perfectly summed up my life in regards to unplanned trips to the grocery store, as well as what I wear. Saddest time of year ever is when I have to put my big coat away and can no longer wear the same ratty clothes for 5 days straight.