Thursday, January 22, 2015

Buncha random shirts: Stitch Fix #3

I made a Pinterest board JUST for Stitch Fix and then forgot to share the link with my stylist, making it a total and complete waste of my life.

This was both my worst-- because I just got a bunch of weird blouses-- and my best-- because I kept 3/5 of the stuff-- Fix.

Want to see pics?  Weird pics of shirts hanging up on a random bathroom door?  OKAY GREAT.
 ^^^This one is a cardigan, and it is CUTE.  I love the lace detail in the back and on the lapels, and it has an excellent shape-- a little flared around the hips but made of really think fabric so I don;t look bulky.  It also covers my butt, so it;s great with boots and skinny jeans.
 ^^^ That's the BACK of this sweater.  I like it and wore it the other day with a cute leopard-pint sleeveless T underneath.  Ben said it makes me look fat.  Erm.
 ^^^ Super cute long flowy bib shirt, great with my new Frye boots and skinny jeans.  Bad because it is dry clean only, but so are the sweaters.  Sigh.
 ^^^ Cute on hanger. Hot mess on me.  The front was too short-- you could almost see flabby mom belly, and the colors were very Sears-- not shades that occur in real life AT ALL.

Luckily, I have still transcended food and am 5 pounds lighter than I was at this time last week, so next month, my Fix will be fab.  Or too big.  Either way.

Ok, guys, I am having a dilemma.  It is time to sign up for next semester of baby gym class, and I am hesitant.  I know it's great for Dorothy, and she really does love it.  But I just kind of want to spend my mornings exercising while the babies watch TV and putting away the laundry so I can relax during nap.  This is a bad reason to bypass baby gym, though, right?  I mean, sure, I have been going to that class for 8 years, but she has only gone for 3 semesters.  Bah.  I need to sign up, right?  (And I know that when I do, we will both have tons of fun and it is probably the reason why she is such a good somersaulter and walked at 10 months and knows her colors.  Well, hell, I guess my mind is made up.

ETA: I signed up :)

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  1. I have a black split back sweater that I can't figure out how to wear but love anyway. And that cardigan is adorable!