Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Toddler hair. I could talk all day about toddler hair.

 We went out on Saturday night for the first time in what feels like forever.  We have canceled our last 2 nights out-- one to see Jerry Seinfeld because it was to damn cold and one to Milwaukee for an overnight because I got the stomach flu (we also canceled that one to spend time with Henry and fam, but you know, the stomach flu).  So ANYWAY, we had plans to go out with friends of ours, and we have had these plans forever.  Then their babysitter canceled, and we found ourselves on our own.  It was really fun!  We had a low key dinner at a newish place (kale salad and old fashioneds for me; spicy burger and bloody marys for him) and saw Whiplash, which was EXCELLENT.  And the movie theater by our house now has a full service bar, so AWESOME.

And!  You guys!  We have plans to see Imitation Game and American Sniper this weekend and Selma in 2 weeks and we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night on TV, and we can watch Boyhood anytime.  And then!  On 2-17, Birdman and The Theory of Everything will be on iTunes, and WE WILL SEE ALL 8 BEST PICTURE NOMINEES BY 2-20!  Cannot WAIT for the Oscars because this has not happened for us in YEARS.  I think 8 of them.

On our date night, I found my favorite leopard stilettos that have been in Ben's car since we walked home from the golf course bar months ago and I swapped my date night shoes for Uggs that I packed just in case we got too drunk to dive, which obvi.

Dorothy LOVES them
 I have been doing a new thing where I put bows in the BACK of her hair, and I love it. I can make the pony tails higher and use the bows to catch the extra hair, and she is not constantly yanking her bows out.  (yes.  yes I do put too much time and thought into Dorothy's hair.  DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HAVE A LIFESIZE DOLL LIKE HER?  my whole life).
 Jack is the sweetest, funniest, most adorable kid.  I volunteer in his class on Tuesday mornings, and it;s so great because the first grade is a whole room full of cartoons. THEY ARE SO CUTE.  One little girl told me today that she has to wear glasses because when she takes them off, the whole world looks like Candy Land.  I mean, seriously.  Could that be any more adorable?  Jack told me very seriously that he is working on drawing non-stick people.  And he is!  And it's hard!
 Dorothy required 2 jumbo terrible-for-you muffins, a pack of M&Ms, my phone, Ben's phone, her own iPad, and a coloring book to sit through a 50-minute hockey game on Sunday.  Erm.
 Cooper is not even pictured from hockey because he needed so many trips to the snack bar and then spent the rest of his time eating a huge hot dog from his fist and whining.  I think he has ADHD-- neither he nor Harry can stay in their seats during a meal or any other event.  Ben and I joke that we will have to shoot him in the ass with a tranquilizer dart as he walks to school in the mornings.  And it's only kind of funny.

But seriously, back to the hair. How cute is the high bun and bow in back?


  1. Bow in the back is GENIUS! She's so freakin' adorable!

  2. I wish there was a video of Sarah's face as she thought of the bows in back idea and then saw the first outcome on Dorothy.

  3. Bebe, like her sisters before her, won't let me do her hair. Not barrettes, no ponytails. It is soul crushing