Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

 Above is one of my resolutions: a gratitude jar.  Simple.  We write down things we are grateful for and toss them in the bowl and read them on NYE 2015.  Hopefully on a white sand beach, which is my goal in life for the next 365 days and is an odd thing for someone who just flaked on a flight IN THE BOARDING LINE traumatizing her children for like EVER to say, but you heard it here first.  I will get over this shit in 2015.

Other resolutions include:

  • LOSE 20 POUNDS, DAMNIT.  For real.  Damnit.  I am tired of pictures of my face poking out from a mound of fat.  See below.

  • Read 100 books (again)

  • Print photos every month and put them in a damn album already

  • Finish Dorothy's baby book (SHAMEFUL, I know)-- this might be kind of a sub resolution of the photo one, but whatevs.  I AM GOING TO DO IT.

  • Write.  Something besides this blog.  Poetry?  Fiction?  A goddamn journal article?  I DON'T CARE.

We had a totally wonderful NYE.

We took these clown bowling

 Love Ben's crazy eyes as he set up our lanes.  Yes, lanes.  He and I had our own lane and played 2 games while the kids played one.  It was fun.
 I so thought this was a strike
 But no.  (Dorothy beat me, BTW.  Next time, I need bumpers and one of those ball roller stand things)
 She had a blue slushy like she's a kid and not a baby because she IS a kid and not a baby, but she still nurses 3 times a day, so that totally makes her a baby.  RIGHT?
 We played board games in the morning and again after the babies went to bed.
 Beatrix hung out upstairs while Ben, Harry, Jack, and I played WiiU and watched movies and had snacks in the basement.  During a high stakes game of Sorry, I spilled my champagne on Jack a little and he said, "That's OK, Mommy.  I won't use this hand to pick my boogers."  HAHAHAHAHA
 This morning, we popped some confetti

 And Harry cleaned up the leftovers.
 The we got dressed and went to a new outdoor skating rink on the lake, which was freezing cold and totally beautiful.  We might go back tomorrow even though everyone was a giant pain in the freaking ass.

 Especially this one, who didn't want to skate and then she did-- right as we were leaving OF COURSE.

  2015 is awesome so far-- sleeping kids, snoring dog, clean house, champagne cocktails, completely clear agenda, and lots of football.  I COULD GET USED TO THIS.


  1. Love this! I did a gratitude wall one year. You'll be amazed at the impact!

  2. I gave up on printed picture photo albums. I do photo books through shutterfly, and the have photo boxes for all the actual prints. Which I organize chronologically for easier searching (like when school needs pics for star of the week)