Saturday, January 03, 2015

Best winter break ever? I think it might be.

Ben and I are both too damn dumb to work our new camera,  and we had some random button pushed somewhere (?), and all of our pictures from the last 2 days have been blurry.

Except for this one of everyone's backs at the zoo.
Doesn't Dorothy totally look like a KID?  She ran around the zoo just like everyone else, frolicking very seriously and saying hello and good bye to all of the animals.  She also HATED hated hated going inside the giraffe enclosure because it stinks.  She said "No gaff.  Uh-huh, bye-bye" and made gagging noises as soon as we walked in.  Totally reminded me of me when I was a baby and needed a hankie soaked in Chanel No. 5 to get through a petting zoo.  (I mean does any baby NEED a Chanel soaked hankie?  Probably not).

Also, this picture is awesomely in focus-- LOOK AT THAT SEAL.
This morning, we woke up to a dusting of snow and also to Cooper standing on a stool so he could look out the front door.  We have no idea how long we was standing there, but we don;t care because we all slept until 8:30.  Except probably Cooper who heard us zombie-walking to jab the "on" buttons on our coffee makers and screamed from his stool  "Look!  Mama! Dada!  Look!  It snow!  I up high see this!  I wait and wait and wait!"

Naturally, we went outside to make puny snowballs and hurl them at each other.

Yesterday, I took these clowns to the grocery store because Jack wanted turkey tertrazzini and Harry wanted a "feast," so it seemed like a good idea to make a turkey and all of our favorite sides and then make Jack's casserole later in the week.  That's weird sentence construction because it sounds like I am going to contradict that thought, but really, it STILL seems like a good idea especially because I am making a turkey frame soup, too, RIGHT NOW, and it smells amazing.
My pictures are so random.  Clearly, this is our zoo trip again.
The kids were thrilled to find the playground nearly empty.  This playground is the biggest pain in my ass because the climbing structures are really high, and there are always a million kids running around, so I feel like I have to climb with the little kids, so we never go.  But in the winter, it is empty, and the very top spots are roped off.  PERFECT.

We ended up postponing the kids' feast until tonight because friends offered us tickets in a corporate suite to a hockey game last night, and we all went out for pizza before the game.  We are never spontaneous like that, but it was so fun.

Dorothy mainly cared about her blocks and her iPad.
Harry was a little bummed our team lost, but I loved all the beer in the sweet suite fridge
Jack adores being the family photog
And he also liked the game
Coop took this
Cooper cheered on the one and only goal
He worked hard this morning shoveling the deck.
We all laughed while sweet little mullet0headed Dorothy lapped her cocoa like she's a puppy.

This has been a truly wonderful winter break-- we are really sad to send everyone back to school on Monday.  But, I mean, not TOTALLY sad because we'll still have Dorothy, and we are both still on break.

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