Friday, January 31, 2014


Harry's labs all came back normal except his ESR which was a little high.  His cardiologist said the number was to be expected since we know he has inflammation-- in his pericardium.  Still, she is  comfortable saying this episode is viral AND referring him to a rheumatologist who is maybe interested in prescribing a long-term anti-inflammatory drug.  I don't know about that but will ave an opinion after the consult on 2-12.  We see the cardiologist again in a week because the effusion was a little bit worse, and Harrison has consistent chest pain.  Gah.

My dad is not good, you guys.  The pneumonia is not going away, and he had a bad chest X-Ray today.  This led to him being transferred by ambulance to a new, larger hospital where he may undergo a lung biopsy, which is kind of a big deal.  His pulse ox is really low, too, and he is going to need some rehabilitation after the immediate problem has been solved.

Not only do the constantly falling snow and the tiny person who needs me to eat but cannot go on the critical care floor at the hospital make visiting difficult, but Harry's cardiologist would like him to stay close to home while this episode is in progress.  I feel fairly helpless.

No real segue, but, um, Dorothy?  Is inches away from walking.  She takes 2 or 3 steps and collapses, but then she pops back up and tries again.  She can stand up all by herself without holding onto anything, and if we set her down on her little tiny feet (she has the TINIEST FEET EVER), she can stay standing, which is adorable.

I have read a ton this month and am excited to review my books, but I am holding out until tomorrow because I think I am going to squeeze in 2 more just under the wire-- but that means the kids and I will have to finish Wonder tonight, which is doable but just barely because I am EXHAUSTED.

Last week, Dorothy started sleeping so well.  She woke up around 11, just when I was going to bed, and ate happily in her room.  Then she slept until 5, at which point she came into my bed and snuggled happily until 7.  This happened for several days, and I felt like a million bucks-- most sleep I had in MONTHS. 10 months, to be exact.  But now she is back t her true self, and I have been awake for at least 2 hours in the middle of every damn night.  Blergh.

I hope she's getting a new tooth because this one has been all by its lonesome for quite some time.


  1. I'm glad you got a little sleep and that Harry is okay. Best wishes for your dad. That sounds really scary.

  2. My mom had a lung biopsy a while back. I was scared too. I am so sorry you guys are going through this. I've been thinking about you constantly. I hope you can find a permanent solution to Harry's issues too. That must be so hard for you all.

    The pictures of Dorothy with the firetruck are precious!

  3. So sorry about your dad--that is so scary and awful. Sending lots of healing thoughts his way, and supportive ones your way!

  4. It is really hard living far from parents when they are ill. I hope things turn up for him soon.